‘Trampoline’ Write Up in Nenagh Guardian

'Trampoline' Write Up in Nenagh Guardian

We received a lovely write up in the local Nenagh newspaper, The Nenagh Guardian.

The write up mentions that although filming has wrapped, we are currently in the middle of post production.
It also goes on to list the local businesses that sponsored the production of the film. These companies include the Guardian paper itself, Philips Furniture, Albany Home Decor, Hanlons Butchers, Country Choice and the Zip Yard.

The CBS Secondary School, Rohans Pub and The Talbot are also name-checked and thanked for their support and use as locations in the feature film.

Writer/ Director Tom Ryan is quoted towards the piece as saying the following:
“The post production process is a long and arduous process but once the film is completely edited and the music score is completed, my producer Claire Gormley and I will begin to enter ‘Trampoline’ into film festivals across the globe for next year in an attempt to get distribution in cinemas.

We are very proud of the film and extremely thankful for all the help and support that we received in the town throughout the production.”

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