Trampoline Roundtable Interview – IFM have just published a fascinating, in depth interview with almost all of the cast and crew involved with ‘Trampoline’.
It’s an amazing read and we all incredibly proud of how it turned out.

Here is an extract from the interview:

IFM: With the limited budget how did you go about lighting the scenes and did you find yourself using more natural light than you normally would?
Cian Moynan – Cinematographer: We couldn’t afford to rent lights with the limited budget so we used whatever available light there was including household lamps etc. The camera performed extremely well in low light and as good as it is to have lights on set we still got great images from the interior scenes and the shooting process wasn’t delayed by having to adjust lighting angles etc. The exterior night scenes were lit by the street lights alone and I found that as long as I didn’t push the ISO beyond 6000 there was minimal noise in the image. We were lucky to have enough natural light with the exterior day scenes to work without lights or reflectors and it gave me the option to use the wide lens more and move freely with the actors.

IFM: Did you bring any of your of personality traits to the character, and if so what were they?
Aoife Spratt – Acresss (Angie): I think you bring elements of yourself to every character. Just when you think “I’m completely different from this cruella deville like super villain!” A little bit of you sneaks in, that’s what for me helps to make the character a real person.

Be sure to read the full piece here!

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