2nd Review!

ImageKrank.ie has just posted the second review of ‘Trampoline’ on their website in the run up to our screening at the Clones Film Festival tomorrow.

It is another positive review thankfully, here is just a snippet…

Trampoline is an enjoyable enough film for the most part. Don’t expect any thrills or spills, it is a simple story that will definitely appeal to twenty-somethings of today’s society and though no direct references are made to the recession, its tone is relevant to Ireland’s current situation. James (Eddie Murphy), Angie’s love interest, represents a general disillusionment with life. He can’t get a proper job and is frustrated by the small town atmosphere of Nenagh where there’s “nothing to do but drink and smoke” and even Angie’s optimistic attitude can’t change his mind. He dreams of travelling to greener pastures, like most of his friends already have. Issues concerning teaching are also thrown in. Angie is certainly stressed by her unruly class and her colleague Maria (Niamh Algar) regularly vomits secretly in the school bathrooms because she is so stressed. James comments about how underpaid they are and there doesn’t seem to be any support or sympathy from the head teacher Mr. Jennings (Mike McMahon).

Be sure to read the full review at the Krank.ie website here!
And you can read our first review, courtesy of TheMovieBit here!

Plus, don’t forget, Trampoline is screening tomorrow at 1pm in the Cinemobile as part of the Clones Film Festival in Monaghan.

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