Tom Ryan – Nenagh Connect Interview

Image‘Trampoline’ writer/ director Tom Ryan was recently interviewed in the Arts section of the monthly Nenagh Connect publication.

During the interview, Tom spoke about how he got started in the film industry, the continuing success of ‘Trampoline’ and his plans for the future.

You can read the full piece by picking up the latest issue of the magazine or alternatively by clicking this link to check out the online version of Nenagh Connect!

Below are some key pieces from the interview.

Tell me about Trampoline. How did you research the film?
Trampoline came about from my desire to become a writer/director. I was working towards that over the last few years by working up the ranks of the camera department on various film and TV shoots. I felt confident enough after having worked on enough film sets to take it upon myself to make the movie. I knew going into the project that it would be very low budget as we had to finance the film independently so that meant that I had to write a script that suited a low budget production. Character drama falls into that perimeter so I set about writing a story about a young woman who returns home to her family after years away studying in London. The sudden shock of having to readjust to a life she left behind was appealing to me from a story point of view and I know a lot of people my age who are in similar situations so I thought it might make for an interesting film, plus it’s not a subject that has ever really been tackled before in Irish film.

What kind of reception has the film gotten?
So far we have been thrilled with the fantastic reception the film has received. Not only has the film received brilliant reviews across the board so far but we have also had a lot of success in the festival circuit. We won ‘Best Film’ in New York, ‘Best Lead Actress’ in LA and ‘Best Coming of Age Film’ in Canada. For a tiny little film shot in Nenagh for a budget of less than €1000 it’s amazing to see it win all these awards across the sea.

How has being from Nenagh informed your art?
Nenagh is a brilliant place for anyone interested in the arts. We have a brilliant arts council there, the arts center is also a great asset to the town as is the Ormond Cineplex where I spent most of my childhood. Also, the Nenagh Players are a huge part of keeping the arts alive in the town. I have had the pleasure of working with many of them on ‘Trampoline’ and there’s no way the film would have been as successful as it has been were it not for there involvement. I think that Nenagh has a great Arts scene for such a small town and the locals are all incredibly supportive of that.

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