Trampoline: Film Ireland Review

ImageWe are delighted to share this new review for ‘Trampoline’ from Film Ireland! It’s another very positive review and we are absolutely thrilled with it.

“It could’ve been considered a risk, placing the fortunes of a debut feature film in the hands of a single central character, rather than an ensemble. But with Angie, Ryan has created a completely believable, fully rounded character who, despite her flaws, we are easily able to warm to.

But praise for this cannot be shared by Ryan alone. As Angie, Spratt is the heart and soul of Trampoline and delivers a superb performance. Not just in the delivery of dialogue, but also in her unspoken scenes. Most notably, a scene where she watches her absentee musician father play in the local pub is a moving scene of a young woman looking towards her future by reconciling with her past – a triumphant display despite not a single word being spoken. Despite able support from a range of background characters (all local actors), Trampoline belongs to Spratt.

 As Ryan, and producer Claire Gormley, continue to bring Trampoline to more festivals, some attention is now being turned to the team’s next project – one which will be eagerly anticipated by many given this accomplished debut.”

You can read the full review right here –

And don’t forget, you can catch ‘Trampoline’ at The Beggarman in Cork next Thurs, June 12th at 8pm!

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