Trampoline – Now Streaming on Seed & Spark


We can’t believe it! Trampoline has been picked up by the US distribution company Seed&Spark and it’s aavailablenow to stream from their site.

We can’t believe that the movie has come this far and achieved this much success. We have been very lucky with how everything turned out during it’s run.
We made it for less than €1000, won festival awards around the world, got great reviews and we even had a cinema run!

None of this would have been possible though without all the hard work, support and dedication of the cast and crew and everyone else who cheered us on along the way!

For anyone who hasn’t seen our little indie movie yet, now is your chance. It’s available to stream from Seed and Spark’s streaming site for only $2.99!

It’s been a hell of a ride but it’s not over yet. We still have another festival screening in Dublin on September 14th as part of the Underground CinemaFilm Festival and we should have news about the DVD coming soon too!

For now though, thanks to everyone who helped us get this far and be sure to check it out at the link below!

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