Interview with Tom Ryan


The Movie Bit has posted a recent interview with Trampoline writer/ director Tom Ryan to promote the launch of the DVD.

One of the most striking things about the movie is that is quite different in style and tone to other Irish films. Was this a conscious descision on your part?

The only thing we tried to do differently on this movie was to make it a world apart from gritty crime dramas that were popular at the time. Love/Hate really took off around the time we made Trampoline and there was a lot of dark Irish thrillers being made then. We wanted to stay away from that and try something different and something personal that was aimed at a young adult audience. The style of the film was heavily influenced by US indie movies but that was simply down to the fact that we couldn’t afford any more equipment than a camera and a microphone. We had no lights, dollys, tripods. It was very limited so in that regard it resembled a ‘Mumblecore’ movie. The other reason was that I received all my on-set training on US indie movies like ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Shame’ so that may be why it’s different in it’s style. We’re very proud to be an Irish film though, especially one set in Tipperary.

The movie was made for less than €1,000. Do you think the movie would be the same if the budget was bigger?

That’s an interesting question. I think the film would have lost a lot of it’s charm had the budget been bigger. We had just enough to make such a small personal little movie. The money went on props, travel, food, accommodation. There are some scenes in the movie where I can see that a little bit more money would have come in useful. Because of the budget we couldn’t really afford to do reshoots or even have much rehearsal time so a lot of the film is off the cuff. If the budget was bigger I’d imagine the film would be a lot more polished but that would definitely take from the charm that I like to think it has.

 You can read the interview in full by following this link:
Tom Ryan Interview

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