‘Trampoline’ is an independently produced and locally financed feature film which was shot on location in Tipperary and Dublin from October 2012 to February 2013.

Trampoline Tom Ryan, Cian MoynanWriter/ Director Tom Ryan was heavily influenced by American independent cinema. He worked as a camera trainee in New York under the guidance of cinematographer Andrij Parekh (‘Half Nelson’ and ‘Blue Valentine’). Inspired by these types of films, Tom moved back to Ireland and wrote a feature length script which reflected the style of that genre. The script was intended to be a timely, relevant story which he hoped would reflect the moods of many Irish people in their early/mid twenties who struggle to search for their place after finishing college.

Tom worked the script around his limitations… i.e. the lack of a major budget.The script was set in Tom’s hometown of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and featured many locations which he knew he would have access to. The third draft of the film was also written with the actor Aoife Spratt in mind for the lead role of Angie.

Cian Moynan and Cian O Brien. The rest of the talented crew was filled out by Tom’s longtime friends, all of whom had also studied film. Cian Moynan was the director of photography, Cian O’ Brien and Liam Delahunty were on sound. Claire Gormley was then hired as assistant director for the film as well as serving as a second producer to Tom, and Maired Ní Threinir was brought on board as 2nd AD.

Tom raised a budget of €1000 was raised from local businesses in and around Nenagh who all kindly sponsored the movie. This money went towards expenses such as food, travel, props and accommodation for the cast and crew.

Trampoline Behind the Scenes 01The cast was rounded out by Dublin based actors Audrey Hamilton, Maggie Donovan, Eddie Murphy and Niamh Algar. Members of the Nenagh Players, the local theatre group in the town, were also hired to play pivotal roles in the film. These actors included Margaret Walshe, Mike McMahon, Stuart Andrew and Tadhg Hogan Reddy.

The cast and crew all gave their time and talents on this film for free seeing as how the budget was only enough to cover expenses. As a result the production was fitted around everyone’s schedules with their paid work. The shoot lasted from October 26th 2012 to February 22nd 2013.

Claire Gormley on the set of Trampoline

Kevin Minogue edited the feature while Cian O Brien, who served as sound recordist on the shoot, composed all original music for the films score.

The filmmakers now aims to enter the film into the festival circuit as soon as everything is completed.


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