TrampolineQuadlaurels UpdateApril2014

Film Ireland
“It could’ve been considered a risk, placing the fortunes of a debut feature film in the hands of a single central character, rather than an ensemble. But with Angie, Ryan has created a completely believable, fully rounded character who, despite her flaws, we are easily able to warm to.”

The Movie Bit

“A great example of what the combination of talent and determination can achieve, Trampoline is a charming little movie, having a story almost everybody can relate to at its core.”
“Trampoline is a quiet but touching piece of work and a serious accomplishment considering its tiny budget of under €1000.”

Way Too Indie
“Aoife Spratt had the confidence and ability to capture every single real emotion will prove to be an invaluable trait for her future work. My hope is that this is not the last time we see Tom Ryan behind the camera and that he continues his efforts on making indie films in the future.”

The Movie Waffler
“It gives hope to those who are right in the thick of their own problems and sometimes it helps for people to be reminded that they aren’t alone.”

Film Jam Blog
“Ultimately ‘Trampoline’ is a well shot, well acted Irish film with a group of  young actors and a director and crew who can only be destined to progress on to bigger things.”

“Ryan is a writer and director to watch out for. Given a decent budget and a more ambitious scope he could well become an important Irish filmmaker over the next few years. ”

Yes Woman Blog
“The story of Angie, played by Aoife Spratt, really spoke to my soul. I mean how many of us have been away, returned to our hometown and had to acclimatize to living with our parents again & everything that’s changed?”

If you are interested in reviewing Trampoline please get in touch with us through our contact page.


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