Angie Corbett returns to her hometown in Tipperary after getting a teaching job at her old secondary school. While at home, Angie struggles to readjust to the life she thought she had left behind and at the same time, try to figure out what the next step in her life should be.

website 4Angie Corbett (Aoife Spratt) grew up wanting to be a talented musician. She had a gift when it came to music, heavily influenced by her father who used to play around the pubs in their local town as part of a Trad band.
On her 17th birthday Angie’s father (Stuart Andrew) split from the family and ran away to Dublin with another woman. Angie was never able to forgive him and decided to take after her mother (Margaret Walshe) and focus her attention on getting a career as a teacher.

website 3After finishing college Angie tried her best to get away from her problems and moved to London where she drifted from part time job to part time job. Realizing that she was getting nowhere, she decided to accept a substitute teaching job back in her local hometown of Nenagh in Tipperary.

Now Angie is living back home with her family. While her mother and younger siblings have had time to move on and forgive their father for he did, Angie however still harbors resentment against him which leads to strain in her home-life. Particularly with her sister Jenny (Maggie Donovan).

Her best friend Kate (Audrey Hamilton) is on hand to help Angie to get her mind off things and enjoy herself but things don’t go as smoothly as hoped for Angie. Her interest in the school begins to slip as time goes on making her question if this is the right career choice for her. Jenny continues to make family life hard on her and she may be falling for the wrong guy (Eddie Murphy).
website 1

Angie’s troubles are just beginning, as she discovers that trying to find your own place in the world can be one of the most difficult aspects of growing up.


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